Arturo Shirinov

Arturo was murdered by Jakari and Thornton for suspected treachery.


Born: 3020s
Age: Early-thirties


Arturo Shirinov does not any share details of his upbringing or his personal history more recent than the time he has been with the Blackshield’s. However his accent gives him away as native of the Capellan Confederation. He is polite but uncommunicative if questioned, neither confirming nor denying questions about how he came to Astrokaszy, merely smiling knowingly.
He joined the company a few months before you arrived on Astrokaszy, but in that short time he has managed to build a power base amongst them more disgruntled warriors. As his criticism of Branka Ferguson and Jared Hausa’s leadership becomes more vocal and direct, so does his self promotion. He favours a much more aggressive policy towards the local populace and argues for an increase in the frequency of the raids on other worlds, particularly Canopian border worlds and inner sphere powers.
Arturo and Tomas Rebollar have become, quite literally, as thick as thieves and he is beginning to draw Najid ibn Hamwi into his confidence. Kaja Rebane appears to be his next target, although his suggestion to raid Canopian worlds is proving a barrier to any alliance.
One thing that cannot be denied are his exceptional abilities as a commander, all the missions that Arturo has led have been a resounding success, although his methods leave something to be desired.
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Arturo Shirinov

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