Jared Hausa


Born: 3020
Age: 37


Jared Hausa grew up on a well-known resort planet in the Tamar Pact called Hot Springs, to a poor working class family of West African descent. As a boy Jared had no particular military ambitions but he had watched with envy as an endless stream of off-world travellers, many of them the Lyran Commonwealth’s notorious ‘social generals’ came and spent their Kroner on having a good time and then left for their seemingly exciting and well-paid jobs.
As soon as he could Jared enlisted in the LCAF only to fulfil a dream of travelling the stars and perhaps bettering his lot. It took him years of hard work and dedication to climb the enlisted ranks only to be passed over again and again for a commission, while less able but better connected colleagues left him behind.
He met Branka in 3046 just as his tour as part of the garrison force on a remote planet clinging to the edge of Lyran space was coming to an end. Jared was impressed by her confidence, vision and more importantly the fact that she immediately offered him a lance to command with the rank of lieutenant. Without a second thought he saw out his tour and joined her new unit, Ferguson’s Blackshields to begin his mercenary career.
The first few years went well and Branka rewarded Jared’s devotion and hard work with a full company and promotion to captain, of course then everything turned to shit. During the dark days following the Clan invasion Jared backed Branka in everything, and protected her from the dissenting voices that spoke out against her actions. His loyalty to the person that gave him his chance was unshakable and he ensured the remaining members of the company ‘shared’ this belief.
However that was some seven years ago and while Jared continues to be Branka’s foremost supporter and guardian he is not blind to their situation. After years scratching out a living in the periphery he yearns to return to the inner-sphere, even though his home world is lost to the Clans. Jared seems at a loss as what to do for the best.
BattleMech: GRF-1N Griffin

Jared Hausa

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