Darius Magnus Grandbois


Born: 3030s
Age: Late-twenties


Darius Magnus Grandbois is as tight-lipped about his past as he is about how he came to be on Astrokaszy. However it is not difficult to guess his origins, despite his caginess. Of course his tria nomina could be changed but the Marian Hegemony symbol branded onto his left cheek provides an indelible and obvious clue to his homeland.
The brand identifies him as a former member of the Cohors Morituri, the Marian Hegemony’s penal legion. The thing is no one ever leaves the Cohors Morituri, except by being executed or with a posthumous pardon from Caesar O’Reilly. The fact that Darius is very much alive raises some interesting questions. However he has a mouth like a sewer and a mind to match, it is not inconceivable that he may have talked himself into a one-way ticket like the Cohors Morituri.
When he joined the Blackshields Darius’ BattleMech was little more that scrap and he was barely alive, suffering from severe dehydration. He had obviously spent some time in the deep desert, but will not say why or what he was doing there.
Darius has been happy to follow Branka and Jared’s directions, perhaps thankful for them taking him in and repairing his BattleMech, but boredom and inaction seem to be pushing him towards Arturo’s more hawkish position.
BattleMech: Hermes II HER-2S

Darius Magnus Grandbois

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