Erwin Schoenwald


Born: 3020
Age: 37


Erwin Schoenwald is a mercenary warrior that joined the Blackshields just a few weeks before the Clan invasion. He was born in the Lyran Commonwealth but his family were part of a small mercenary band and his childhood was spent travelling from world to world.
He took over his mothers BattleMech and her place in the unit when she retired, and his life continued in much the same way as it had always done. He never saw much action, his unit usually being posted to core worlds in the Lyran half of the Federated Commonwealth. The boredom finally became too much and he quit to join the Blackshields, who had posted recruitment notices in HPG stations within a jump of their garrison planet, Here. The notices promised better pay and more importantly the active combat assignments Erwin craved, even if it was only pirate hunting. As soon as he could cash in his savings from the company coffers Erwin booked passage on a merchantman and left the unit that had been his home.
There was precious little time for Erwin to adjust to his new life before the Clan flotilla arrived and provided a baptism by fire. All of the dreams of exciting and glorious combat became a living nightmare as the Blackshields were thrown into the meat grinder that was the Clan invasion, buying time with their blood for regular house units to re-group. Only the speed and manoeuvrability of Erwin’s BattleMech allowed him to survive that first encounter on Here and make it to the company dropship. Again, on Somerset, Erwin was lucky enough to be close enough to the LZ to make it off-world and with very little damage.
Since then Erwin has struggled. The life of a pirate does not suit him at all, he lacks the ruthlessness and callousness required to be successful, but he realises that he will probably never be accepted back in the inner-sphere as a mercenary. So he continues with the Blackshields, having no means to do anything else.
BattleMech: STG-3R Stinger

Erwin Schoenwald

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