Isaac Hull


Dropship Captain
Born: 3007
Age: 50


Isaac Hull was born on the Federated Suns planet Lackland and with its vast ocean covering ninety-one percent of the surface there was plenty of employment on the giant ice ships that transported water from treatment plants to orbital stations, for shipment to thirsty water-poor worlds.
However the military build-up prior to the 4th Succession War provided more exciting and better paid opportunities for anyone that could fly orbital craft. Isaac signed on with a mercenary transport unit and found himself taking part in the invasion of the Capellan Confederation. It was better than hauling ice but it he was still just a deck hand. So he applied himself, learnt his trade and what was required to become a ships master, always watching for a chance to gain an advantage over the competition or a personal success that would allow him to climb the greasy pole.
It took a few years but eventually he bought, lied and cheated his way into the captain’s chair of the King Goblin, a Union class vessel that had been run into the ground by years of poor management. Isaac managed to turn the de-motivated crew around, getting rid of most of the command crew and restored the vessel to its former glory.
This pride in his ship was exactly the reason why Isaac agreed to flee with the remaining Blackshields. He is the surviving captain of the Blackshields small flotilla and witnessed his fellow captains vessels destroyed in the vain attempt to blunt the Clans advance. From that moment on he vowed to remove himself and his ship from that conflict.
Isaac is surprisingly happy with his status as a fugitive and has rationalised his actions with the notion that when he worked for the Successor States he often transported raiding forces that engaged in legitimate state sponsored piracy.
Dropship: King Goblin Union Class

Isaac Hull

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