Kaja Rebane


Born: 3033
Age: 24


Kaja Rebane was born on the planet Krimari and still considers herself a citizen of the Magistracy of Canopus. In the best traditions of the matriarchal Canopian nobility Kaja was sent to a fine school, a prestigious military academy and upon graduation a commission was purchased in the Canopian Fusiliers.
She arrived on Astrokaszy as part of the security detail for a Canopian humanitarian and peace-keeping force. In truth the force was sent in reaction to a move by the Free World’s League to increase their influence in the area and use Astrokaszy as a possible staging ground for operations in the periphery.
Unfortunately the people that they had been sent to help were more interested in how they could use the material and expertise of the Canopian’s to gain an advantage over their closest rivals. At the urging of the local warlord militia fighters from the city the mission was based in managed to infiltrate the cargo hold of the Canopian dropship and took a large number of hostages, including the director of the mission and the commander of the security force. The inexperienced Kaja was now the ranking officer but was completely out of her depth when dealing with the unpredictable and ruthless warlord.
In vain she tried to overawe him with her BattleMech force but this only infuriated the warlord, to whom a female commander, let alone a warrior, was an aberration and resulted in three hostages being executed. Panicking and fearing a massacre she ordered the dropships remaining crew to retake the cargo bay, while she and her lance secured the landing zone and compound. Unfortunately this action resulted in exactly what she was trying to avoid; twenty-two Canopian’s, including doctors and educators, died in the crossfire, along with an estimated three hundred locals, many of whom were non-combatants that had come to the compound for medical treatment.
Devastated by the consequences of her actions Kaja was desperate for redemption. She soon discovered the warlord that ordered the attack was not amongst the dead, so in an attempt to salvage something from the disaster she elected to stay and hunt him down, although the captain of the Canopian dropship reminded her that if she remained it would be considered desertion.
As yet Kaja has not found the rogue warlord, and has been forced, for her own safety to join the Blackshields while her search continues.
BattleMech: STY-3C Starslayer

Kaja Rebane

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