Naizen Ogata


Born: 3001
Age: 56


Naizen Ogata hails from the pro-Combine planet Predlitz in the former Rasalhague Military District of the Draconis Combine.
Naizen was once a part of the DCMS, and an inheritor of the proud samurai traditions of his forefathers. However his military career suffered from the start. While in his final year at the Sun Zhang Mechwarrior Academy there was an affair of honour, the details of which he has not revealed, which required him to leave prior to his graduation.
Normally that would have doomed Naizen to a second line posting at best, and a life of shame, but he was fortunate that he was offered a place in the 2nd Night Stalkers ‘Johiro’s Regiment’. The Night Stalkers had only formed a few years earlier and were happy to take competent, if tarnished warriors.
During his time in Johiro’s Regiment he rose to the rank of Tai-i or Captain, always performing his duty unflinchingly and with the certainty that a devotion to bushido provided. Therefore, when Theodore Kurita gave the order for DCMS units to leave their posts, in the newly autonomous Free Rasalhague Republic, Naizen was caught on the horns of a dilemma.
He was a loyal samurai, but to obey the order meant abandoning thousands of pro-Combine citizens to their fate at the hands of nationalistic mobs that had been whipped into a vengeful frenzy. When Tai-sa Todaki Johiro announced that he was remaining to defend the loyal populace Naizen understood what such defiance meant for him, but without hesitation pledged his service.
Branded ronin they were attacked by their sister regiment, the 1st Night Stalkers, whom they fought to a standstill, only quitting the world once the last civilians had been evacuated. As the short Ronin War came to an abrupt end with the deaths of its political leaders and the safety of the pro-Combine citizens assured Naizen and his fellow warrior’s surrendered en-masse. Recognising their actions were motivated by their sense of honour the Coordinator enforced a token punishment of a month’s imprisonment and refused all requests to be allowed to commit seppuku. After his release Naizen was permitted to quietly retire and retain position of his family BattleMech.
Ironically he found himself the other side of the border he had once defended, but he no longer considered the Draconis Combine home. All that could be hoped for was a glorious death in battle. However in one last twist of fate Naizen was badly injured in the first Clan attack, he and his BattleMech were recovered and transported back to the dropship. Naizen was not conscious when the decision to break the contract was made. However his sense of loyalty to Branka and perhaps a need to try and redeem their situation has kept him from leaving the Blackshields.
BattleMech: HBK-4G Hunchback

Naizen Ogata

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