Najid ibn Hamwi


Born: Mid-3030s
Age: Early-twenties


Najid ibn Hanwi is a native Astrokaszian and was born in the neighbouring caliphate of Benhaddou. His early life was, as is common on Astrokaszy, marred by violence and the simple struggle for survival.
Najid’s mother was the second wife of a warrior in service to the caliph of Benhaddou, but when his father was killed they were turned out of the paternal family home by his father first wife and her brothers. Having no particular skills or education to speak of he did what generations of Astrokaszian boys have done before him, he joined a local warlord’s militia.
It did not take long before his fearlessness and natural ability as a fighter marked him out for advancement, Najid began to rise quickly through the ranks. Once secure in his position he returned to his father’s house and shot dead his step-mother, her brothers, their wives and their children. He then calmly set the house alight. On any other planet this massacre and wilful destruction would be considered a dreadful atrocity and Najid a psychopath, but on Astrokaszy it is just another incidence in the tangled web of blood feuds and expectations of personal honour that somehow holds the society together in perpetual dysfunction.
To evade the wrath of various step-brothers, cousins and step-uncles Najid was forced to flee into the deep desert for several months and it was during this time that he acquired his BattleMech. Exactly how Najid came by his BattleMech is a mystery, but the most plausible answer is that it belonged to a lone mercenary or pirate who was unfortunate to have crossed his path. It is clear that Najid can not return to his birth place and so he has thrown in his lot with the Blackshields, for now.
BattleMech: FS9-H Firestarter

Najid ibn Hamwi

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