Ronnie van Zant


Age: Mid-30s
Born: 3020s


Ronnie van Zant is a grasping and greedy little man, with a penchant for posturing and affectation. Although he fancies himself as an explorer, cut from the same cloth as intrepid adventurers from a bygone age, bringing the light of the Inner Sphere into to the dark corners of the Periphery. There is nothing he loves nothing more than the sound of his own voice and he seems unable to stop himself when in full flow. A particular pleasure of his is doing things that he thinks will result in him looking superior to his peers or getting one over others. The fact that he is a Mechwarrior only seems to have compounded his egomania and he clearly considers himself to be a cut above the mass of humanity. Unfortunately his rampant ego is not matched by his character, abilities or reputation. In addition he seems to have limited, if any, understanding of the mentality or culture of the native Astrokaszi, a dangerous combination indeed.

Ronnie van Zant

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