Slave girl freed by Jakari.


Age: Mid-teens
Born: 3040s


Shakira was an interpretor in the service of Caliph Musa of Zinjibar, she speaks fluent Arabic,English and Greek.

She was given to Jakari, who then freed her and now acts as her protector, in fact warning off Artimus Pyle during their first meeting.

Shakira was born to parents captured by slavers from the Free Worlds League planet Tellman’s Mistake, two jumps from Astrokaszy. She was a toddler at the time of the abduction and has no recollection of her home-world. Both her parents are now dead but they made sure that Shakira learnt to speak the local dialect as well as trade languages that might make her more useful than other slaves and spare her from the worst cruelties of the Caliphates.


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