Tomas Rebollar

Tomas was murdered by Jakari for his war crimes on Thraxa.


Born: 3030s
Age: Late-twenties


Tomas Rebollar was born in the periphery, that much is obvious from his distain for ‘spheroids’, but the exact details of his background are unclear. He does seem to reserve a special dislike for the Free Worlds League, although he will not say why.
Tomas joined the Blackshields after a violent disagreement with his previous host, the caliph of Jowhar. The caliph made the mistake of withholding payment for a batch of slaves that Tomas had handed over to him for sale. Jowhar now has a new caliph but the caliph no longer has a palace after Tomas spent several hours tearing it apart brick-by-brick.
Sensing that it was time to move on, having ruined a good portion of the city Tomas seemingly chose the Blackshields at random, although he actively avoided bigger and better equipped groups that were closer to his location.
Since Arturo joined the company he and Tomas have become confidants and like Arturo he argues for more frequent raiding, whether preying on other city-states or nearby worlds. What is apparent is that he seems to have little interest in anything other than feathering his own nest.
Despite his predatory nature, or perhaps because of it, Tomas does seem to have a reasonable grasp of Astrokaszian politics, culture and a large network of contacts. This network has helped the Blackshields supply issues and could be the reason Branka and Jared suffer his presence.
BattleMech: ENF-4R Enforcer

Tomas Rebollar

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