The State of Nature

Session 1: 3057.01.01-3057.04.01

After action report: objective raid/Thraxa/Ellinikon distribution centre/3057.02.25
To: Colonel Branka Ferguson
Reporting officer: Captain Jared Hausa, commanding
Date (Terra std.): 3057.04.01
NB; due to my illness I delegated command of the operation to Shirinov as he had considerable knowledge of Thraxa’s geography and defences. Therefore my report is based on black-box recordings and warrior testimony.
As you know the mission was a simple objective raid, targeting the Ellinikon distribution centre and its stockpile of bulk goods (see attached manifest from Captain’s Hull and Varela). Overall the mission was a success, however there are a number of points that I need to bring to your attention.
A. An unauthorised landing was made by Brody, Thornton and Nickeshi acting under the orders of Shirinov, 60km from the target. This was a result of intelligence that Shirinov had not shared with me in any prior planning session.
B. The daughter of the duchess of Thraxa (Lady Rosilina Trussel) was the clear target for extraction; she came willingly as apparently she was expecting us (I am extremely concerned by this).
C. Brody, Thornton and Nickeshi engaged elements of a regular MAF unit; Clayborne’s Commandos (Warhammer disabled, Crusader forced to retreat).
Significant armour damage was sustained by Nickeshi and Thornton during this contact, but all three were able to rendezvous at the LZ. The loading operation was completed without incident. All personnel accounted for.
D. After take-off second unauthorised landing was made near the city New Ionia by Shirinov and Rebollar. Again acting on intelligence that Shirinov had not shared with me in any prior planning session.
E. There were two targets. Shirinov at the correctional facility and Rebollar a school near the LZ. Rebollar demanded that a prisoner (an associate of Shirinov we only know as Conrad) be released to Shirinov or he would destroy the school. The authorities were not prepared to negotiate and a militia unit fired on him. Unfortunately Rebollar made good his threat and began to demolish the school with the children inside. Conrad was then released to prevent further loss of life.
Minor armour damage was sustained by Rebollar and both returned to the LZ. All personnel accounted for. Once in flight and during the maintenance of Rebollar’s mech his actions came to light, this information was initially only shared among Brody, Thornton and Nickeshi.
F. Nickeshi took matters into his own hands and killed Rebollar rather than report him to myself or Captain Hull. In a seemingly unrelated act he has also threatened to kill Pyle (I would caution that while Nickeshi is apparently loyal and a capable warrior he is highly unstable and very dangerous).
G. Captain Hull is naturally very unhappy about this incident and it was only my intervention in a private meeting that prevented him from tossing Nickeshi in the brig or out of the air-lock.
H. Tensions within the unit remained high during the return voyage, I recommend a reorganisation of personnel (proposed TO&E to follow).
My concluding remarks must be that while the mission was a material success we have lost an experienced mechwarrior, needlessly attacked regular MAF forces, kidnapped Canopian royalty and seriously compromised the integrity of the Blackshields. I would now urge caution in acting upon any further intelligence provided by Shirinov due to his independent actions, which have directly resulted in the above.
Furthermore, we must take rapid action to prevent the fracturing of the unit into sub-groups, following the arrival of ‘van Zant’s Vandals’ and ‘Brody, Thornton and Nickeshi’. To this end I suggest a mission be undertaken locally that that requires integrated action by the entire unit.
End of report.


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