Allen Collins

Van Zants Vandals


Age: Late-30s
Born: 3020s


Allen Collins is a bully by nature but lacks the wit to take advantage of any control he might gain and is unable to make any meaningful decisions for himself or others. So he has tagged along with Ronnie for what have been a good few years of exploiting those weaker than himself, often at Ronnie’s order. He is impulsive and explosive in his temperament but also quick to cool down and realise when he might have made an error of judgement. Of course he would never admit it, but it might just have kept him alive. With his impressive physical presence and threatening demeanor he is hard to ignore, that coupled with the simple enjoyment he gets from lording over anyone he perceives to be in a weaker position makes him an unpleasant person to be around. Perhaps the only thing that stops him from trying to do the same with Ronnie is that he needs his support or the rest of the unit would probably have turned on him, particularly as his battlemech is the smallest and he is a poor pilot.

Allen Collins

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